Wednesday, December 10, 2008


c, my blog got a new look.
MCR theme!
i am soo in luv with

experimenting with trial an error process which took bout 2 days to finish this up.
well, i'm not really expert at messing with those xml + html + css + javascript codes.
plus, i'm not the one who design all this stuff.
got those graphics sumwhere long time ago.
i even have used 'em with my fs profile layout.
so, wat i did was editing.
but still, there is sumthing wrong with the sidebar.
margin, padding or sumthing else?
didn't figure out that yet.
i'm gonna fix it soon.
n owh, the new updated cbox will be coming soon.
it's 2 am already.
so long, n gudnite^^
owh, hye pidgey!