Sunday, October 12, 2008

d a m *

dam* dam* dam*
4 letter words juz to get me along.
it's a difficulty n i'm bitin' on my tounge.
n i, i keep stallin', keepin' me 2gether.
ppl around gotta find sumthin' 2 say now.

.my fs page.
the codes were n r all messed up.
the javascript's not working anymore.
happened couple days ago.
i kept trying to figure out wat's da prob.
i tot it was geo's transfer file had exceeded its limit.
juz like wat kept happening b4.
but it was fine wen i checked it.
den i tried to fix it.
i've replaced da ready-made-layout link file wif mine.
n my page got stuck.
dat linker's not gonna be working wif my page.
den sumhow i juz figured out dat..
wat had happened couple days ago.
i did edit my fs profile.
n my old [ WAY old ] linker dat i injected YEARS ago was der.
i shudnt mess up dat part.
duh~ screw me. i totally 4got.
now i gotta start searchin' n experimentin' a new linker 4 my page.
n dat will need trial n error process wic takes TIME.
i think i'm gonna fix it ryte afta SMU xm's over.
btw, it's juz fs anyway, n i kept typing da words dam*. haha
dat's wat u get wen u let ur heart win~whoa~