Saturday, October 11, 2008


tagged by ani
refer to emotion test, dont cheat
let's juz observe da results okeh?

1. i am alert n my life is full of luv.
2. i hav a lot of luv n friendship in my life.
3. i will hav a strong luv relationship dat will last 4ever.
4. i will hav a fren hu completely confides in me n wud do anythin' 4 me, but i may not realize it.
5. ani is my besta besta pren.
6. i am a very lovable person n i hav a great life.
7. i like adventure.
8. i am loyal to my frenz, my luver, n myself. i am very reserved but emotional.
9. diz wish will come true only if i repost this?
korok eh. nk mumtaz gano kalu repost sajo xbaco buku!