Monday, October 13, 2008

lucky guess

guess wat?
diz morning sasa told me dat daddy had set a password 4 the comp.
den i got back from school juz now.
i tried to switch on diz comp.
n yes, i cud see it requested 4 password.
i looked at da hint.
okeh, let's try.
1st guess. incorrect.
2nd guess n yeah i'ts correct.
lucky me.
but sasa wasnt lucky enuf 4 da guess thingy. haha
okeh dun tell sasa okeh?
ryte now i'm locking da door of diz room u c. hehe.
no peeping, gal.
u wud be wondering y did my luvly daddy set da password.
of coz, coz da xm's coming.
n my mom started nagging bla3 juz like wat other's mum wud do.
so she tot da best thing is to stay us away from dis mr.acer.
but it's god 4saken ryte to be dat way i guess.
it's 4 our own sake.
so face it.
n so,
i guess i wudnt be on da line 4 22 days from now?
i think i'll try to sneak sumtimes. hehe
sayonara guyz n galz~~
u'll be missing me so much! ekeke~
go go SMU!!

gtg now. mosquito fogging's coming~
aim: hang out at Billion!

n da countdown begins..

* wondering y my fs profile turned out to be private.hmm..