Thursday, July 17, 2014


I've always been wanting to write again. 
But whenever I'm about to, I was lost for words.
 Recently I read somewhere that made me have this one thought;
 I should have clean social networking profiles.
 I should have a clean Facebook, clean Twitter, clean Instagram and even a clean blog. 
What I meant by clean is those accounts shouldn't reveal my sick past life.
To think about how emotional i was, how depressed i was, how childish i was, how immature i was and all those dark sides of me...
These wouldn't be good as these will affect my professionalism in the future.
Don't you think so?
(Talking bout my future mature me. haha!)
So I started by scrolling down my FB wall, looking through past events. 
It's funny how I find myself very close to some people back then.
 The kind of people who just simply drop by my FB just to teasingly offer me food because they know I love them,
the kind of people who post me scary photos for fun when they knew I was alone at night,
and those who would comment on every single activities on my FB..
but what happens now, they barely look me in the eye whenever we bump into each other.
Or even worse we have nothing to say if we were to talk.
These are the awkward moments which I can't fix.
  And there were some of them who would always drop a sentence on my wall just to say he/she's bored, or say anything that came to his/her mind, either to please me or to simply annoy me.
and look now we're not that close anymore. 
And there were times we contacted just through FB to meet somewhere,
which it will be visible to everyone, so more people join the interactions,
so double the fun..
But now there's Whatsapp, there's personal message
where anyone can't just bump in to join the fun
if they don't PM you, means you're not invited.
When you're not in their Whatsapp group, you feel rejected.
So there came hurt feelings, broken hearts, cold vibes everywhere.
I wonder why I made it sound so tragic.
I just took a stroll down memory lane, that's all.
Since I've loads of free time, why not?
So here's one update from me since the last post which was in February...
I'm home.
Home for 48 days already...