Monday, February 10, 2014


i havn't updated my blog for months
but i'm always here
blogger is one of my everyday visited sites
yep. i never left u..
everyday wajib bukak sites ni

 1. Yahoo mail
yeah.. my main official email account.. and of course la hari hari bukak and update..
i'm not one of those kids yang xpenah nak bukak email, sekali bukak beriban riban inbox messages.
if u don't want beriban riban, please unsubscribe everything unnecessary u folkss!

 2. Hotmail
my alternative account, xada apa pon sebenarnya

 3. Gmail
lagi la xde apa.. tapi still bukak these 3 mail accounts everyday

 4. Facebook
the thing is, i no longer socialize through FB.
last time i was really active on FB was in 2010/2011 when i was in uitm palam where internet was the quickest entertainment we could have after shah alam city which is 2 hours away..
but nowadays i'm not into FB anymore, and that means terputuslah segala pengetahuan saya tentang maklumat terkini rakan2 saya dahulu.. sorry for that.. u guys can always text me anytime though..
i just have to deal with FB only because official news and updates were announced there.. so just bukak group usm je kat situ, n the rest, once in a blue moon only maa.. 

5. Blogger
yep, hari hari bukak sebenarnya even blog sendiri xupdate.
so don't worry guys, i still follow n i still read your blogs..silently..

 6. Youtube
this is optional, depending on how speedy the line is..
pardon me, i'm not into music videos either, just some tutorials i've been subscribing..
there's a lot of stuff i'm interested to do yarr, sometimes just watch, n sometimes watch n try..

 7. Others..
which i think mostly online shopping websites!
can't resist! my place is not the place where u get everything.. just a small town here..
and by having my own debit cards, clicking here n there, and suddenly i just bought everything online! oh myyy..
and the feelings to receive the parcels right in front of your door.. it feels like someone sending u surprise gifts. hehe
ok i really have to control.. bye

oh sebenarnya ni tengah tunggu my baked macaroni dalam oven.
tadi mengada sangat tak nak order makanan sebab malas nak turun ambil, now i'm reaaaallyyyy hungry coz i did'nt eat anything yet today..
so there it is, baked cheese macaroni
prep time 10 mins, baking time 40 mins.
resipi orang bujang katanya.. malas nak masak kan..tapi sanggup tunggu 40 mins?