Friday, December 9, 2011


Oh. Hi!
It's not that I've been extremely busy not to spark off my regular craps in this
pretty obsolete blog,
it's just that, time speeds so fast you couldn't travel or even fly along.

I did scribble some thoughts to be mentioned here,
of what had been happening these days
of 206 bones and 640 muscles that I figured out to be remarkably existing in human body
of how the Continuous Assessment Exam that I've been through
of the next upcoming networks of nerves I need to be familiar with
of how I ended up in the hospital seeing dermatologist right after the exam
of when I got myself wandering around in Mumbai for a couple of days
of my laptop as well as my phone got sick and hospitalized but fortunately treated by a very helpful senior
of me being aggressively indulged with masses of Kit Kats and Cadbury Bournville lately
and the critical part is,
of me wasting time and procrastinating!

But those imaginary drafts on my mind are highly volatile.
So here I am, drafting a new piece of mind.
Procrastinating again and again, realizing that the result will be out tomorrow and I got no mood to face any book but facebook.

The End.