Friday, December 23, 2011


Here's the story.
Right now I'm in the middle of Nervous Tissue Block
where physiology classes outnumbered other classes.
The irony is, there is this one guy,
a physiology lecturer, being the HOD himself
turns out to be very, very, strict about,

"I want you people to be a good human being before being a good doctor."

Well, I respect him for that.
It actually is a good thing to train all these students about manners.
He forbids us from being late.
(Oh, I was among the very first latecomers who received his first warning.
I was late for only 1 minute. =.=)
He always remind us,
don't be the reason why your patient dies because of your bad timing.

Oh, there's more.
No entry to the class for latecomers.
No going out in the middle of the class.
No talking in class.
No smiling or laughing by yourself unless he's the reason.
No writing notes.
Just listen.
No glancing at the clock. It means you don't respect the teachers in front of you.
And we must stand up and greet the teachers immediately as she/he steps into the class.
Well, one of the boys had been called upon for not standing up.
Other lecturers don't bother much about standing up before class started.
But he does. He makes fuss out of it.

"I know you people don't greet your teachers in Malaysia. I've been to Malaysia and I see it myself.
But in India, you must greet and respect the teachers. "

Frankly saying, he's right about that part.
I guess the etiquette of greeting teachers in Malaysia only lasts till high school.
Or is it still being practiced in U? Do correct me if I'm wrong.

The amazing part of India is,
Teachers are Gods.
Doctors are Gods.
They are a very respected group of people.
Oh did I mention about how I went to the hospital but the doctors are not yet available at 9.30 in the morning?
Hmm.. Maybe just the dermatologist.
Skip that part.

So much for the intro.
What I was going to write is about what had happened this evening.
Today's schedule should end at 5.30 pm which is not at 4.30 or 5 as usual.
Of course, it was his class which is unusual than usual.
When it already passed 5.30 pm, we were like,
slowly packing our stuff, we were glancing n peeking at the watch.
(And that is when he starts reminding us about not to look at the clock.)
It's not that we disrespect him or such,
it's just that we were anxious waiting for the class to end,
coz we didn't perform our Asar namaz (prayer) yet.
Maghrib time would be at 6.07 pm.
It's not that he didn't respect our religion, or didn't allow us to pray,
maybe he didn't realize that our afternoon classes today start during Zuhur and ends near Maghrib, no break in the middle.
But yet, nobody spoke up to tell him.
Everybody remained silent.
Thank God he let us out at 5.50 pm.
We were running and rushing down the stairs, across our campus gate, across JNMC campus area, across the willow walk, and across the roundabout towards our hostel.
I could see the guard was astonished seeing us (boys and girls) running like hell towards our separate ways,
boys hostel and girls hostel.
He was just smiling himself.
Maybe he thought we were on race to be the first to arrive at the hostel?

Gladly I reach my room on time.
Well, not all of us did the marathon.
Some did sneak out to go for namaz during lab hour. Luckily it's anatomy class, not physiology.
It's a sin to go out from any physio class without permission!
Ain't that scary?

Papa Chur, the man who welcomed us on our very first day here,
is not as lenient as we thought.
He gives us the tense of being a medical student.
Sometimes he makes me feel like I'll never survive in this field.
He told us this is not the attitude of a doctor to be.
Sometimes I feel like I'm not qualified enough. T_T

To look on the bright side, he's not the point of these things.
But He is.
There are always reasons behind everything.

Self reflecting...


yine said...

mc ing fighting!
btw,that physio's lecturer of yours is SCARY.

gapo X hau said...

good luck facing your obstacles!
doctor in the making kan..

miss nureen said...

haha, xscary pon sbenarnya. just strict..

gapo xhau, oh hi! gapo hau.. ~~