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Yeah, to India I go..

It's quite despairing to leave Pharmacy.
I've been interested in pharmacy since high school.
Simply because of Cikgu Siti, which made me being affectionate towards Chemistry subject.
Chemistry has always been my favourite subject, till it came to the times where I attend the science foundation in UiTM Puncak Alam, and there were so many things to learn in quite a short time, and it was quite a harsh time sparing efforts to understand chemistry.
I started having trouble with the chemistry bonds and structures in Semester 1, which eventually affect my grasp in Chemistry for the next chapters in the syllabus.
Even Melly and Ku Syera didn't believe that I gave up on Chemistry, the day before the paper test.
"Jange Putus Aso.." was our promises. :')
I guess I don't have 'chemistry' with Chemistry anymore. :D
I might faint spending 4 years with the PH210 syllabus! XD

So, later on the final exam result was out.
Undoubtedly, a B for my Chemistry.
At first, I did apply for Medicine in all 8 choices of UPU application in Phase 1.
But with a B Chemistry, I had to alter the application in Phase 2, leaving only Medicine in UKM which the requirement is lower than other universities.

I was quite envious with my housemate, Dr. Sofina!
She got same CGPA with me, but she got all A's.
Dr. Ahmad Taufiq! same CGPA but you got all A's!!
I am jealous with other of my aquaintances!
Dr. Arif, Dr. Farhan, Dr. Riri, Dr. Rhidaudin, Dr.Imran, Dr.Azwan, Dr. Shana..
They all got Medicine in UiTM.
And I'm also jealous with Yine!! :(

Oh, bersyukur la wey dapat farmasi UiTM!
As I was given choices, I was quite in doubt whether to choose either pharmacy or medicine.
Of course, others would say go for medicine instead of pharmacy!
I was researching about pharmacy and a senior helped me a lot.
She's now working as Provisional Registered Pharmacist (PRP) at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu.

Q:Emm nak tau, nanti kerja apa ye, kerja dengan hospital je ke? tak tau sangat la pasal pharmacy ni. kalau medic saya tau la flow dia, 3 tahun belajar theory, 2 tahun clinical, then 2 tahun HO (house officer), then MO (medical officer) bla bla bla.. kalau pharmacy camne pulak?

A: overall, lepas habis 4 tahun study,
PRP (Provisional Registered Pharmacist) = HO selama 1 tahun.
then FRP (Full Registered Pharmacist) = MO selama 3 tahun. PRP and FRP wajib dengan kerajaan.
nak tau life PRP, tengok dekat blog akak, ada cite sket2.
nak tau detail flow lepas habis uitm akak wat ape, tengok yang dari August 2010.

Q: saya dah baca post2 akak yang label 'pharmacist', macam selalu kena on call je..hmm lepas dah jd FRP means, boleh pilih either nak kerja hospital or bukak farmasi kan? betul tak? then takde go higher lagi la? macam medic kan, boleh go higher nak jadi specialist ape2 lak. how about in terms of gaji and ke-busy-an, compared to medic?

A: tak banyak pun oncall. sekali je sebulan kena kerja malam..
tu update ikut mood je tu..

kalau akak, akak ambil scholar JPA. akak ada contract 7 tahun. so lepas FRP, kena sambung lagi 3 tahun la untuk habiskan contract. kena kerja dengan kerajaan lagi..

lepas habis contract baru boleh keluar hospital/klinik kesihatan.
eh pharmacist boleh je nak sambung study lagi.
ramai je sambung. as for now, ramai kena jadi lecturer la kalau sambung study. yang dah PHD pun ada kerja hospital.

compared to medic? waawawawa.. pharmacist sangat333 tak busy compared dengan dorang. ngeh3.. dorang selalu jelessss.. =))))

gaji for sure la rendah sket dari medic. kalau pharmacist, now akak gaji total 3774. dorang dapat la 4k lebih. tapi oncall dorang sangat33 teruk.
now dorang belum ada kerja shift. so oncall je la memanjangggg.
kalau double shift lak, memang naya gak dorang. almost 2 hari kerja non stop.

Q: kontrak JPA untuk farmasi memang 7 tahun je ek? emm yang saya tau pasal budak2 medic kena kerja teruk tu just masa housemanship je, selalu on call. kalau dah jadi specialist dah rileks2 dah. betul tak? pasal kerja pulak, secara general nya yang saya tau if amek farmasi, kerja dekat hospital or bukak kedai farmasi je. kalau nak sambung, kena jadi lecturer? camne pulak tu? then kalau dah ada PHD and kerja dekat hospital, apa beza pulak dengan FRP, in terms of tugas2 dia? ada beza jugak?

A: contract farmasi 6-7 tahun..

agak teruk masa HO. but then "tanggungjawab" pulak makin menggunung. rileks tapi kena decide benda yang penting melibatkan nyawa.

farmasi boleh kerja- hospital, industry (confirm kayaaaa), research, retail..

for now, lecturer belum cukup, that's why siapa sambung mostly akan jadi lecturer. tapi boleh je kalau tak mau..

FRP just 3 tahun je. then lepas FRP, dah jadi U48. =)
tugas makin up, makin lain.
kena pegang ward.. etc2..

2nd boss pharmacy HSNZ now yang ada PHD. boss2 semua U52-U54.

Q: pharmacy pon style ada boss jugak eh? em.. tak tau dah nak tanya apa lagi ni. kalau akak ada benda2 lain yang best2 pasal farmasi ni, akak share la ek.

A: eh mestila. kalau sekolah, mesti ada cikgu, PK HEM, kaunselor, apa lagi eh... aa.. pengetua.. kan?
kalau cikgu, dorang dibahagikan ikut subjek, kalau farmasi, dibahagikan ikut department. cuba teka, apa yg nureen tau tentang department dalam pharmacy? ;-)

so, sama la dengan farmasi.
kalau baru grad, jadi pegawai farmasi U41. (PRP and FRP)
masa PRP kena attach semua department. dalam sebulan - 2 bulan untuk each department.
sebab masa FRP kena incharge 1 department. that's why kena belajar semua department.

after U41, auto naik U44. $_$ heh..
then lepas beberapa tahun sket, naik U48.
then untuk naik U52 and U54 tu, rasanya ikut kekosongan dah.
U52 biasanya yang boss setiap department. boss utk TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring), TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition), satelit, stor, CDR(Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution) and so on.
kalau U54 tu pulak biasanya dah big boss la.
timbalan and ketua pegawai farmasi (KPF)..

Thanks a million, Kak Wirdiana!

Hey, coursemate yang patutku jumpa, tapi tak jadi jumpa..
Hope this post will be helpfull for you. :)

But, hey.. I choose Medicine over Pharmacy..
Bye bye UiTM di hatiku...


NabihaRz said...

Oh nureen. thankyou so much. youre certainly very kind and may Allah bless your journey to be a good wise muslimah Doctor. Amin.

miss nureen said...

thanks for the prayers. glad that i can help.
thanks to kak wardiana too.
check out her blog, awesome experience she had!
and yeah, goodluck in your journey too! c;

Ahmad Taufiq said...
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Ahmad Taufiq said...

All the best yea Dr. Nureen...terharunya dia ada mention saya..euwww...thanks :) haha

Friday, July 29, 2011

miss nureen said...

Eh, jangan!
sila doakan all the best Dr. Ain!!
baru dimakbulkan.
Terharu eh? eeww. haha

`~fAHmI_cA~` said...

(disregarding 5-day agreement) haha... oyat doss mesti buleh dr. nih..

so, gudluck r, all the best! n jange putus aso!.. haha

jd doktor pahnih, buleh r wi ubat kokre free2.. haha...

miss nureen said...

aihh nk ubat free sila mintak dgn pharmacist la yer!