Sunday, March 6, 2011


6th march. di ambang perpisahan~
it's about 13 days left untuk menyelesaikan segala urusan di sini
then i'll be home sweet home
cameras and flashes are everywhere
the last moments are spent together,
the memories are captured
as we'll be separating soon

^ the last lecture with Mr. Moo, maths lecturer ^

^ mira, amaa, mek ^
( FYI, they called me mek in class. c; )
trio yang selalu tak cukup member,
kejap yang tu hilang, kejap yang ni hilang

^ meet aina, mek klate gedik sokmo kobek inbox ore! busted siott~ aihhh!! ^

^ with mek mek kecik, mek klate n mek ganu, yang selalu aku buli! ki ki ki ^
maah mek deh...mula mula jupo kito gocoh lagi deh? ^_^

^ the last day with classmates, purple theme ^

since last friday was the last class for asasi sains puncak alam,
we went to Pendeta Cafe for lunch, for the first and last time
RM17 for lunch! nyaaa~~
lamb chop dia tak best sangat ponn
oh then gatal nak masuk lecture maths by en.latiff. ekeke..

there was an empty seat next to me,
as expected, came this one guy, and he sat right next to me
^ everybody was snapping pictures of these and those, ni pon nak jugak? ;p ^

^ housemates, in lecture hall^

^ housemates, after lecture ^

oh snap sana snap sini bajet cam enjoy je
padahal next thursday would be the D'day~
final exam!! oh my coach!

^ wink wink^
popeye everyone~

(asyik asyik muka minah ni je masuk gambar. hishh!!)


misszaza said...

comey tudung yo. ^^

miss nureen said...

tudung mno?
tudung ko tuey yo hop comey?

misszaza said...

isk3. tok sei katto kapoo.

miss nureen said...

kato je la tuey yo hop comey. hee