Tuesday, February 15, 2011


oh I've been fighting this agonizing fever since Friday.
and today, would be the 5th dreadful day . phew~

this sore throat is so killing me!
being sick really sucks. and it really tortures me.
i wish that i have some kind of move like 'giga drain' that would lil' by lil' suck and drain off energy out of everybody and leave them in corpses. muahaha
and in no matter of time I'll be as healthy as a magikarp again!
but that wont happen in real life. sigh
I'm very exasperated of the capability of my own immune system.
still i couldn't figure out the right anti histamine to not let these aches and pains come to me.
they say, prevention is better than cure. hmm..

oh next week I'm absolutely gonna have to fall sick again!

it's 8 days, 18 hours, 59 minutes and 46 seconds till TEST 2.
feels like screaming like the prettiest banshee that has ever existed.

oh i'm sick of being sick~