Tuesday, October 5, 2010


oh here goes another entry for today.
hey world, i'm home.
hmm.. being at home with no single plan to do. great.
oh by the way, there is always a tragedy happening when i'm on my way home
what happened? shamisha happened!

ok 1st, tiket bas shamisha tak coooool langsung!
(haha itu pon jadi isu ke?)
2nd, the bus didnt come on time.
(lambat berapa minit je pon jadik isu lah!! hee)
3rd, the bus driver is so not handsome. slekeh! tak smart macam pakcik bas sani!
4th, at 1st there were only 5 female passengers on the bus out of 40++
(so scary!!)
5th, pakcik bas tak sistematik langsung
he was just telling people to go sit there, yeah there,
n then came another passenger, n he simply said "this is not your seat, go seat right there"
n came another, "u exchange with him/her"
n then came another, "u go sit there aaa.."
6th, pakcik bas hits red light!
7th, pakcik bas banyak kali brenti. buat ape hentahh
8th, they asked us to exchange bus at dawn
( leceh r. really felt like being treated as convicts! banduan kah kami? )
9th, the 2nd bus is even scarier!!
( bangla, negro pon ade? ) ( hyperbola semata mata coz pakcik tu berkulit hitam je. hehe )
but it wasnt that scary when we stayed close to our hero...ha3
(alamak korea la hero tu nanti!!)
10th, pakcik bas refused to stop for subuh prayer!!
huh? baso keling...

sampai kb around 7 am n teros pergi surau
nasiblah pakcik bas tu telah disumpah dengan pelbagai sumpahan mistik
only genuine repentance will break the curse..keh keh keh

oh did i mention that a magic happened?
the so called admirable hero had evolved into the most gedik monster ever??
can u imagine that??
he found a secret stash of mine! and..he bullied me n nyanya!!

moral of the story: hide it well...hmmm..


adindalulu said...

memang shamisha tak stop ntuk solat subuh pun. HAHA

dah lama kot org boikot -.-

miss nureen said...

o ek?
how come i didnt know...