Saturday, January 2, 2010


helluu there^^
chef een's on the house!
last monday i baked choc cake
n on the 2nd day of kex,
while waiting for the bus to go home
i headed to SMO
there i found a book on the decoration of choc cake
the pics sure look amazing
i went to the so-called giant Giant to get the things
there's no much thing there for bakery
luckily they have the whipping cream, n sum common cheap cream cheese
there were 3 brands,
one is halal guaranteed from australia n others r...syubhah..hee
so i bought the whipping cream n chocs
then i wandered around
they dont have the sponge fingers or mascarpone
so, no tiramisu cake for the meantime..
they also dont have the gum paste n no cupcake cases!
pe je giant,,
n also..the cadbury chocs there are RM7 each!
huihh, kat billion ade sale sempena xmas..dpt RM10 for two..
xpatut2..billion gaks pilihan hatiku..
so..balik2 tu smangat nk troskan misi..
turun bas dpn billion, nek billion pegi beli piping bag..
al maklumla..giant xde piping bag,,
sampai umah...misi trgendala for three days..hehe
since the whipping cream expires on 31st dec,
ari ni terpaksa gaks guna, rugi maa ..
250 ml cost me RM10 maa...
so the mission started after zuhur

that Mr.gebob had an accident which caused his head to split into pieces
n later on he lost his right arm. hee.. my condolence to u..

quite excited though its my 2nd time decorating the cakes
the 1st one i decorated the mini cupcakes for pakcik..hee
n this time for the two quarters of cakes left
half lg da sapu licin..
oh yes, this is the first time my choc ganache btol2 jd! hurrey^^
slalunye topping dia xjd, wether cair..or keras cam coklat...gee
kali ni cuba try recipe dlm buku tu which use whipping cream..
n taddaaa^^ it works!

talking bout da decorations,
i planned to make more leaves or choc box, or choc triangles n choc roses as in the recipe book
but..the chocs started to freeze, n got stuck in the piping bag
n i...quit...huhu..satu daun pon jadi la...
igt sng ke? kalo da master xpe rr...
n yeah, ignore the textures..hehe
baking sure is fun^^
i'm planning on learning to make fondant cupcakes
dont know how they taste but they do look cute~

lastly, i was typing these wen a boyo tiba2 melintas! hoho

- written on 31st dec
epy birthday pakcik wawaz~~