Saturday, May 25, 2013


It has been a while since the last time I was on blogger.
The last time I was here was around those days, I guess on mother's day or the election days.. its been a month already?
So, what's new?
I shifted to a new room. Single room, a lot more privacy yeah!
Sadly, wifi's only can be accessed on day 1 only.
Plus I got ethernet problem which somehow put a burden on me being unable to get access to the internet.
But the fun part is I was busy cleaning and decorating or at least making plans to future-design my new room, buying new stuff..
So I bought new fridge, induction cooker, cooking pans, lots of bottles, storage stuff, and they are all mine! Yeay!
I rather be broke than having those irritated feelings of sharing stuff and expecting people to take a good care of them, which..... they don't.
Then i was busy with the drama club activities, rehearsal, props and all.
And finally we're done with the theatre performance!
I was the narrator and the famous Puteri Gunung Ledang! muahaha~

So this week starts the new block, Endocrine block.
I volunteered to be one of the presentors for yesterday's seminar since I was the only person who didn't get picked and forced to do the seminar.
See...nobody notices me! :(
Or maybe.. I'm just so good in hiding... :p
Well, I just hate to give a talk or speak in public.
Let's just hope I'm still good in hiding year's seminar maybe?


Alien'stories. said...

jelita woo :P

miss nureen said...

gapo gapo gapo
hahaa dio jelito oyap kokre :p

heartbreaker gurlz said...

ayu woo

miss nureen said...

gapo puyoo2 mekk. hehe

.: hunny :. said...

pergh een !

Anonymous said...

Dapat MARA kh kak?

miss nureen said...

iyee dik. hehe :D