Saturday, August 18, 2012


I just googled bout USM KLE
what came out was a list of blogs
yeah, pretty much of info from the bloggers, my batch mates and my seniors
and also the new juniors,
well, sad to know that they won't be getting sponsors from MARA anymore,
according to their blogs lahh.
I dunno the truth, let both the USM and MARA settle for it.

Back then I had ruined my SPM result by getting a B+
I could've been 'somewhere' right now if I got straight A's
but no, I couldn't
but still, right now I get to be 'somewhere' else, and yes, sponsored.
It all depends on luck. Rezeki youuu.
The point is, I should be grateful, right?

Oh hey, I'm becoming a senior!
Lots of my friends didn't like having new juniors for some reasons
and of course, they too aren't getting well with the 1st batch seniors.
I dunno why, they've been really helpful je kann?
I'm not having any problems with the senior-junior thing.
Well, at least not yet.
So, welcome juniors! :D
The best will not always come, just prepare for the worst of the mystical land!

boleh takk nak buli junior?
eh, okbai.


AtikAh said...

opps, mara dh x nak sponsor? eh?

miss nureen said...

according to them la
yg matrik/asasi leavers
mg dpt jah kei?