Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Oh it's only been hardly a month since I changed the blog layout.
Now I've changed it back to the previous template.
I just have the habits of simply getting bored at anything.
Nasiblah kalau ada pakwe nanti, dah bosan dengan kau, tukar cari yang lain pulak! kah kah kah! *ketawa sopan*

Oh it has been 2 months of squandering time at home doing anything I could, but productive stuff.
A couple of weeks at home, I did try out some new recipes, did the cooking, and had been the only honored chef serving delightful appetizing meals for the folks. (wow!)
Then I got bored, so I stopped the service.
They have to survive on their own lahh since then.. keh keh keh..

Then there comes the dull life,
of not knowing anything to do when you wake up early in the morning, and end up back to bed till noon.
I did download the Pokemon series till season 10, planning on spending my whole time on them,
but i got bored lahh!
Then there comes SAW!! watched it from the 1st to the 8th movie!

~ movie paling enak di alam semesta ~ *hawaii dance*

Then House MD, watched the whole season 1 and got bored again.
Then Grey's Anatomy, for 5 to 6 episodes, derrr.. 18SX je lebih. -.-'
Senang cerita bosan lahh duduk diam diam layan movie ni semua.
I'm not the kind of movie freak person, and definitely not the kind of book person.
What else can I do? Hmm..

I did facebook-ing, blogwalking, amusing myself with addictive games,
from Alice in Wonderland (so sad lahh, free trial version only), Rio (got free CD game with Koko Krunch pack ^_^), Plant vs Zombies ( super duper addictive!), to Pokemon,
tu pon baru 2 3 hari main Pokemon, dah rasa bosan. Haiyoo maiyoo gaiyoo ~
Lepas ni nak serang warcraft lah pulak.

Bak kata Feeq, 'sepi' ngoti hidup hari hari laguni..

Posted at 5.38 a.m.. Can't doze myself off derrr...


Pina :) said...

buat pe mek xtdo awal2 pagi nih??

miss nureen said...

cant sleep maa..
dua jam golek2 ats katil, xterlelap gak.
pe lg..on9 r..

nabeelah said...

OMG. setiap bnde get bored.
pakwe tuka2 xpe:D jgn tok laki.hehe

ak suggest mu men DOTA, even i don'nt know why my boy friends especially classmates getting addicted with that things.huUu

miss nureen said...

yeah ak dlm proses ke dota!
(ak xtau beza pa dota ngan warcraft!)

gapo X hau said...

like 6 jutaa~~

miss nureen said...

dota tu guano awe? ajar2..

gapo X hau said...

sila rujuk instruction. haha

miss nureen said...

okee FINE!!