Saturday, April 30, 2011


oh currently working my ass off to rebuild this blog for a new look,
and still am searching for a great file hosting site that support php script.
mind to share? anyone? ok fine nobody hears me! really is a very horrendous choice.
"This account has been permanently terminated or closed."
oh, how come i don't get to at least sign on n save my stuff? pfftt!

oh i would say 80% of the process has completed,
i'm still not a maestro in building or reading scripts
i even don't know what the heck html, xml, css, c++, jquery, javascript or whatever the long, confusing other texts really are.
and i don't know how to fully utilize the skills of photoshop-ing.
well, at least i know how to create a new file, draw some ugly cartoons, and save the file.
and then humiliate myself for the shameful hideous butt ugly stupid cartoons.
oh bless me~