Friday, April 9, 2010


The Making of KEX Certificate Ceremony

let's talk about that.
i was selected as one of the committee members of CHD unit. ( c, hall & dining )
tak igt c tu ape. kikiki
we're supposed to prepare layouts and models to be displayed during CC.
tapi last2 ditarik masuk ke dalam performance members coz tak cukup orang,
tolong jadi bini sultan and orang kampung for the drama.
jadi extra pon oke lah~
about 2 weeks before the d-day,
almost everyday we had to go to Karisma to rehearse.
felt guilty to leave CHD members. huhu
and almost everyday gak la balik lambat,
coz the actors and actress didnt come on time.
so tertangguh lak rehearsal.
tengah hari baru nak datang, pastu sibuk nak gi lunch plak.
and time rehearse lak memain je, tak serius langsung,
and each time rehearse, wajib ade yang absent.
huh director mana yang tak mengamuk?
huhu sian tol ngan mr.karmani as the director.
tapi tabek ah maney, you manage to control your anger & stress.
eventhough its clearly written on your face.
aku pon rasa nak give up, tak nak pegi dah.
yela, asyik2 si extra je yang on time, si hero heroin tak on time.
but sian kat maney and hasif, coz diorang mintak tolong kitorang,
and kitorang dah stuju nak bantu, takkan nak leave them half way jer. ececey~
we're all in this together^^ :)
penat2 pergi awal, tapi 2-3 jam gak tunggu yang lain datang.
perkara biasa la~~
takpela, at least lepas tu kitorang enjoy plak,
serbu KB Mall 2-3x gak.. huhu

mr. president wih pink slipper

behind the scene.


faris turns to be gedix. not my fault!

KEX Certificate Ceremony
8th April
venue: Grand Riverview Hotel

everybody's looking forward for that day.
pagi2 lagi aku berlepas ke london,
ke rumah cik teen,
kitorang pergi bersama ke hotel coz the committee members had to go earlier.
mula2 sampai macam berdebar, oh hari ni dah ke d-day?
oh harini jugak jumpa balik pakcik since last jumpa time KEX class ended.
and of course. 'aisyy2' pasti bergema. ceitt.
after breakfaast, we rehearse for the last time.
k.marina was a bit worried coz it didnt go well yet.
blame mutimedia unit and logistic unit! hoho
lepas rehearsal, we got ready for the ceremony~
so the girls serbu bilik persalinan,
and there, girls again, bla3 talked and talked about their dress, shawls, high heels shoes,
well~ normal lah kott. hihi
cant wait to see others!
mesti sume bajet anggun~
aku tak paham gak nape the girls excited sangat,
beli baju baru for the CC, kasut baru, and siap mekap2 lagi sempena CC.
and yeah, they all looked perfect! anggun!~
and the boys, they all looked hennnnssyyyyem shangat2!
kalau la hari2 pon diorang camni. XD

then we headed back to the hall.
i accompanied haneez to be CHD officer at the display table where parents and guests came to us to see what we've been doing during KEX.
and i was in charge in explaining about innorace.
papa aniz ngenak! huaa..
but thanks to you uncle, we won the grand prize^^ :D

then the ceremony was about to begin..
one table, 10 persons.
me and teen sat together with the logistic unit members, 6 of them. all boys.
after asmaul husna and doa,
1st agenda, makan! hoho
lambat giler hotel service ni.
lepas satu..satu..lauk dia hidang,
tapi nasinya blom sampai lagi
dah abes berapa gelas dah minum coz tunggu diorang abes hidang.
rasanya dekat 15 minit jugak tunggu diorang.
nak makan pon tak nikmat mana coz lepas tu terpaksa ke backstage.
oh makan bersama geng logistic, fun giler!
memang tak kering gusi lahh~
macam2 gelagat la diorang ni,
and the anggun part is, diorang memang gentleman,
sume makanan dalam pinggan, they all yang tolong penuhkan
me and teen were treated like a princess lohh, kan teen kan?
diorang suruh kita makan dulu,
tapi nak makan dulu pon rasa serba salah, coz pinggan diorang pon kosong lagi,
staff hotel lambat ambil nasik.
nasik pon staff hotel kasi sudu, bukan senduk. ade ke patut..
and geng logistic were all like mumbling menyumpah service diorang, and menyumpah geng logistic sdiri coz tumpahkan sup, jatuhkan sudu, n such.
sumpah kelakar gila diorang. especially with their facial expression.
aku nak makan pon tak boleh, coz duk tahan from tergelak.
thumbs up for geng logistic^^ :D
hope korang kekalkan gentleman quality korang even after CC and even with others. :)

then lepas ucapan YB, time for the performance.
alhamdulillah, jadik kott.
frust tak dapat tengok, coz terpaksa hide blakang stage jer.
the actors were all excited coz performance diorang menjadik.
after that, berlari berkejaran keluar dewan and masuk balik through the main entrance.
ready for the announcement of the awards,
skali lagi ketawa bersama geng logistics.
masing2 menanti nak menang award.
dah tercalon pon dah bangga giler diorang. haha
and team aku, F7 menang best interview assignment layout.
dapat mug cute^^ :)
lepas penyerahan sijil,
hasif as the president of KEX '10 played his role.
he gave a special speech for k.marina.
haru haru, sampai ade parents yang turut nangis. :')
then special part for sis,
we gathered on stage, and sang along 'kau ilhamku'
hopefully KEX '10 will be the most precious moment for you, k.marina! :)
so the CC ended at 6 p.m ++
to ohanna, ace, and zealous sapphire,
KEX '10 roxx^^

oh yes, the award of inspiration goes to mr.arief.
you inspired others, so do inspire yourself, arief.
you live your own life, not others.
so ignore what bad things that others did to you or what they said bout you.
live life to the fullest!^^ :)

and one more, congrats mr.karmani for being selected as kex '10 best student^^;)

before CC begins.

the ladies~

me and aneez^^ :)

oh panjangnye post,
tapi still, banyak lagi memori yang nak direkodkan dalam blog ni.
agak frust coz ketiadaan camera to capture those moments.
those pics are all from my phone. buruk!
cilop gmbar orang len je lahh. huhu


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ya ya
logistic menjana generasi AlQuran ;D

gentleman amatt XD