Thursday, December 25, 2008


kate org, boring2 ni xelok.
bile boring, mcm2 boley berlaku.
mcm2 keje gile kite boley bwat.
tp ade yg kate boring ni bagos.

Boredom Can Be Good For You

Being bored turns your mind inward and encourages reflection
bila ke-boring-an melanda, bile xtaw dh nk wat keje ape,
keje kite adalah think, think n think..
cam muhasabah diri gtu, pikir ape yg kite da bwat n nape kite wat camtue,
btol ke salah ape yg kite bwat tue, n try to think how to make things better.
lastly, boley kite improve ourselves rite?

Boredom is nearly always essential to creativity
creaTIVE! yerr..ehem2..
wen sumthing is considered as boring, we start to play around with how to change it.
or we shud try sumthim new! it'll be fun.
or, we shud create sumthim new.
dat is da way we'll be more creative! ehem..

Boredom stimulates the search for better ways to things like nothing else does
we wud get damn bored with going over same thing again and again.
so, tade improvement.
we'll think of ways to get rid of boredom, stimulating our mind.
dats y being bored is good ek?

Boredom is an essential step in falling asleep and getting enough rest
haa..yg ni sgt btol.tade keje je mesti tido.
bile da boring, abes bende dh duk maen lam otak tue,
minda terlalu aktif sampai leteyh sgt,
last2 terlelap la jgk..
so sape2 yg xley tdo mlm2 tue,
pikir la byk2 sampai tade mende dh boley pikir,
be a great thinker. jgn pk yg xelok sudah..

so, nxt time kalau boring tue, u shud be happy.
u've just been handed a gift you can use in any of these ways
if u do, u’ll find that being bored is sometimes the very best state to be in, i guess.
if not, mmg btol ler org kate. boredom IS dangerous! gee

"If you think of boredom as the prelude to creativity, and loneliness as the prelude to engagement of the imagination, then they are good things,"
- Dr. Edward Hallowell,
a Sudbury psychiatrist and author of the book 'CrazyBusy'