Friday, November 21, 2008


got up at 6.3o am.
tuition class is at 8,
since the weather's cold, aku termenung2 dlu sentuh2 air sblom boley mandi.
went to tuition, nmpk 2 makhluks kt tangga. cess
msuk chem class, a lil bit blur bout topic we learnt.
yine: "aku sero nk drop chemi laa.."
break at 10.
pegi isi perot.
n berlakulah kisah ten yg tragis. huhu

***** ten telah ter***** *****nya sdikit
dye terpaksa ******** *****nya dgn *****
otw back to class, her ***** completely ter*****
mase nk nek tangga, ten ***** *****nya dan berlari skuat aty cuba utk memecah rekod kelajuan kilat.
namun ternmpk oleh cgu n Mr.Abbas. haks
sabarlah wahai ten, anda diberi dugaan hari ini,
moral of the story: sentiasa bwk getah ke mana shj anda pergi. hee

in english class, we learnt bout decriptive essays.
we were in groups giving descriptions bout 11 models in front.
me n ten were some of the models. ampes tol.
seb bek aku jd model xtra jer. no describe2 bout me eyh! gud^^

at 3 pm another tuition class awaited me.
only new students were called out in front to write essays on the spot.
*lega kejap*
but after a while, the rest of us were asked to write essays on a piece of paper.
n i was given topic 'patriotism'.
eceyh, mende la aku wat td, no ideas at all.
after correcting the mistakes,
we did revise bout some topic essays that always come out in spm
n i chose topic 'unity'.
we were asked to speak on the topics chosen during the spoken class.
n we were given homeworks. aisey
everyone hates homeworks, rite?
our homeworks are a complete essay on topic chosen n do our own studies bout grammar.
"i want u to be as good as u can write ur own book"
wah wah. i'm becoming nerd!
at spoken class, he said "nxt time, no reading text while speaking, esp old students"
eceyh, nxt time we have to memorize the texts?
usually, he'll give us 10- 20 minutes to revise n get ready 4 spoken class. aiyok!
wondering wen will i be a great english master so that my job wud get easier. huhu
time 2 go home! n here i am..

currently: i'm addicted to pokemon. juz got out from Victory Road n lost battles once with the Elite Four. 2nd try i did win but lost with the pokemon champion, Gary.
aisey. it's training time again!
gotta catch 'em all! gotta train 'em all!