Saturday, August 16, 2008

first h0liday

12.07 a.m..
first day 0f h0lidays had passed..
n i still didn't make any praparati0n fer the upc0ming xm..
7 minutes ag0 der were 1o days left fer the xm day,,
n n0w it's 9..aha!~
[utilise time wisely dear!]

new day started at 6.3o a.m..
w0ke up and perf0rmed s0lah,,
headed t0 my br0's r0om,,
my dad was sitting in fr0nt 0f the pc,
reading s0me bl0gs,,p0litical issue?
pushed him away,,
grabbed the m0use,,n flirted wif the keyb0ard,,
til 12.30 p.m 0r sumtim,,[5 h0urs with c0mp!phew~]
went fer sh0wer,,n g0t ready fer tuiti0n class,,

late fer a few minutes..
asked t0 write 0n da b0ard b0ut types 0f essays,,isk,,
happy me he's absent..=]
n it's been m0re f0rtunate dat t0day der was a special guest c0ming,,
dat means yeay!get 0ut fr0m claSs,,!
went t0 da p0rch n listen 2 her speech,,
19 y.0 sis raja nurul anis was 0ne 0f the ex-student 0f dat0'..
she came wearing her daring bright red bju kurung with chubby cheeks 0f hers when she smiled..s0 cute!
she's 0n break n she's willing t0 c0me n m0tivate us,,
including UPSR kids being the spectat0rs,,haks..

[n dat m0tivated me t0 start practising english in life,,
well,,practice makes perfect!]

she t0ok engineering c0urse in france fer 7 years!w0w~
n 0ne year had passed,,chaiy0k2 sis!6 years left t0 g0!!
she said dat it was quite hard t0 live in france,,
0f c0urse,,n0 english there,,
in sec0ndary sk0ol,,,she t0ok arabic language,,
then furthers in english language,,
n n0w in french![ with 0nly 3 m0nths 0f french language less0ns ]
after her speech dat0' gave us chance t0 feel free t0 ask her anything,,
n then syed ask her,,
"je tghaime it in french language?"
"erk,,i've neva heard 0f dat."
h0ho,,i gueSs he wanted t0 ask b0ut je t'aime which means i luv u~
afta her speech,,dat0' c0ncluded her lecture by giving 0ut the gist,,
n dat means time is running,,n running,,n running!
haha,,cant wait fer tuiti0n class t0 dismiSs!

b0ut 5.15 0'cl0ck,,went back t0 class,,
n he asked us t0 prepare fer nxt week,,we'll be d0ing essay,,
which means,,get ready fer ur writing skills!duh~
ain n bahira w0nt be c0ming fer nxt week,,
n i'll be al0ne?ceSs!
nuthim 2 d0,,claSs dismissed 5 minutes early,,
n we went back h0me,,

6.3o p.m RTM 1,,
watching badmint0n single semi-final match between malaysia n k0rea,,
s0 sengit maa~n lastly LCW w0n!!g02 malaysia,,!

8.3o p.m..
went 0ut 4 dinner at 4get-the-name restaurant,,
kueh te0w g0rem basah n apple juice!

then went h0me n 0n9 till n0w!~
waiting fer t0morrow,,
ten's g0ing t0 treat us KFC!o0 yezz~

i was br0wsing 0n this in utube,,
- how ch0cs r made -

i juz simply L.0.V.E. ch0cs!!!!!~